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Product Reviews for Classic Mountain Cap

Incredible warmth for so little weight!

Brilliant hat.. I was very sceptical when I saw how thin and light it is, but a day on the hills last week at 4C with biting winds turned me into a believer...

December 12, 2021
Lowe Alpine classic mountain hat

Great hat, warm comfy and waterproof. Good size too. Peak up, peak down, ear guards up or down

February 6, 2021
Just excellent.

Ok, so maybe this hat is never going to win any style awards! But this classic is still one of the best winter hats, waterproof and warm. Fit was spot on with the size guide.

January 16, 2021
Classic alpine hat

Excellent quality just what i expecting however slightly smaller medium should have gone for large

December 7, 2020
Shame not as good as the original

Bought one of these hats 20 odd years ago and only had to replace it because it got covered in paint. Disappointed that the fleece lining was so thin compared to my original and the chin strap has been removed. Fits the head comfortably but the ear flaps don't keep my ears warm the same as my original due to the fleece being so thin and that was not even up a Munroe but rural level. I would need to put a further layer over my head if I was mountain walking which is a shame. Good quality product though but not for the serious mountain climber.

January 10, 2020
It's a classic for a reason

Not /quite/ the original Mountain Cap, but one of the oldest and still one of the best. Why this one over alternatives? Mainly the wired peak that means it will keep nastiness off your face but still stuff in to a pocket easily, and the popper to keep the peak up is genuinely useful. Docked a mark for making you DIY for a neck strap (and you do want one, as I found out years ago in a real gale). It does have to be pretty noxious to need one, but when it is that nasty it can let you carry on without the encumbrance and shut-in feeling of a buttoned-up hood. Combine with a balaclava/Buff and goggles for awesome winter protection.So if I've been using these for ~25 years why am I buying another? Christmas prezzie for my dad, who'd lost his and found the Karrimor replacement not so good.

December 23, 2019