Ski Buying Guide

Skis Buying Guide


Why buy when I can rent the same skis in resort? Although hire skis may look the same, skis made for the hire market are constructed differently in order to cope with the demands of that market. They cannot match your own skis for response, ease of turning, liveliness and the confidence you will gain from simply using the same skis. Think of it in terms of car hire, two cars of the same model can drive completely differently.


Every year we send a team to Europe to test all the skis for the coming season, we know its dirty work but someone has to do it. We do this to ensure we buy the very best skis available. As an independent retailer we are not tied into any one brand and can therefore pick and choose from everything out there to get the best skis for all types of skier from first time buyer to expert free skier.


Buying skis can be almost, almost as exciting as skiing on them and it’s very easy to get carried away and buy the shiniest, super shaped, go faster, skis on the market, but it is important to buy the right skis for you! Because of this we suggest that you allow yourself to be led by our expert ski staff (qualified instructors and ski technicians) who can advise on the best skis to meet your needs.


If you are considering buying skis on line please feel free to contact us for any information, advice or guidance on which skis will best suit you. Don’t forget our ski suitability try and buy policy for skis bought in store. Contact us for details.