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Winter Walk Kit List | LD Mountain Centre

Winter can be the most magical experience in the mountains, but with shorter days, colder temperatures and potentially difficult terrain you need to plan ahead and ensure you have all you will need to keep yourself warm, dry and on track. Below are our recommendations for a Mountain Trip in winter and you can also download our printable Kit List ;


  • Gore-Tex or similarly water-proof jacket, with a fixed hood
  • Insulated down or synthetic filled jacket
  • Breathable fleece mid-layer
  • Thermal and long sleeved tops for base layers - these should be Marino Wool or wicking synthetic materials
  • Waterproof Over trousers - ones with scuff pads on legs will last longer if wearing crampons.
  • Walking trousers, that allow a full range of movement and ideally some wind resistance
  • Thermal bottoms - again these want to be merino wool or wicking synthetic 
  • Walking socks and liner socks
  • Scarf, neck warmer or Buff
  • Warm hat
  • Water resistant gloves (take a spare pair)
  • Walking boots - These should be relatively stiff, with a good sole, fit you well and crampon compatible. 

Individual Equipment:

  • 35-45L Rucksack
  • Ice Axe
  • Crampons - suitable for the expected conditions and fitted to your boots
  • Goggles - Provide protection in blowing snow
  • Helmet if climbing or under steep cliffs
  • A couple of large climbing slings 
  • Food and Water
  • Sun cream and lip balm
  • Foil Bivy-sac or blanket
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Flask with hot fluids
  • Plastic survival bags
  • Walking poles 
  • Whistle
  • Gaiters


Group Kit Equipment:

  • Shelter, a group shelter is ideal for exposed lunch stops, or if you need to treat a casualty
  • Confidence Rope
  • Mobile phone


  • OS or Harvey Map
  • Compass
  • Head torch - with spare batteries
  • GPS - with spare batteries (Optional but very helpful if visibility drops)

Kit List| LD Mountain Centre

Kit Builders | LD Mountain Centre

Kit Builders | LD Mountain Centre

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