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AcrylicA synthetic fibre that is used in a variety of outdoor wear due to it’s softness and warmth. Typically it is blended to create a fleece fabric as an ideal midlayer.
Adjustable back systemUsed on larger backpacks, allowing you to customise the distance between the shoulder straps and hip belt.
AgionAn antimicrobial coating made from Silver Ion inserts which break down the cellular walls of bacteria.
Athletic cutA shorter cut jacket that fits above the hips to allow flexibility and freedom of motion during active wear.
Sit Mat/Bivvi padA small foam based layer used to sit on during walking or fishing.
Tungsten CarbideAn expensive but extremely hard-wearing material, used as a tip for walking poles as an alternative to steel. Heavier, yet longer lasting these are ideal for rough terrain.
Abrasion ResistantImplies the garment has reinforced areas that prevent scuffing and deterioration.
AcrylicA synthetic fibre that is used in a variety of outdoor wear due to it’s softness and warmth. Typically it is blended to create a fleece fabric as an ideal midlayer.
AegisAn odourless polymer used on the face fabric of a garment to destroy bacteria at a cellular level.
AgionAn antimicrobial coating made from Silver Ion inserts which break down the cellular walls of bacteria.
Ankle ZipsZips that reach from the base of legwear items to the ankle, allowing legwear to put on or removed with shoes or boots on.
AquafoilCreated by Berghaus. A hydrophilic waterproof fabric that utilises a DWR Durable Water Repellent outer treatment on the face fabric.
AQA fabric created by Berghaus in 2 levels, AQ2 and AQ2.5.
AQ2Used by Berghaus. A lightweight, breathable waterproof fabric made with a bicomponent polyurethane coating and a DWR finish.
AQ2.5Berghaus' waterproof and breathable textile. Created with a polyurethane dry touch coating with micro beads to repel water.
Articulated areasPre-shaped areas fo clothing that allow full freedom of movement, without losing coverage.
Anti Microbial TreatmentsSprayed onto the face fabric of a garment to prevent bacteria from forming.
AFA woven synthetic with a DWR finish.
ATLAdvanced Technology Layer. This is a form of DWR with an increased level of water and stain repellency for clothes more likley to be subjected to abrassion, or stains, such as children's outerwear.
BacteriaStatMarmot's own antimicrobial treatment that is used to remove bacteria as well as odours.
BambooA natural plant which can be used in fabric fibres of outdoor wear. Used to provide softness, increased absorbency as well as antimicrobial functions.
Breathable/BreathabilityA fabric’s ability to allow sweat and internal moisture to be released to the outer layers for evaporation.
BlendA method of using two or more different fabrics or yarns woven together to create a different texture or attribute.
BaselayerA next-to-skin synthetic layer that is breathable and able to move sweat away from the skin for evaporation.
BeardGuardA term used by Montane to describe high collar garments that protect the lips and upper neck/chin area.
Berber PileAn insulating fabric typically used in a jacket or midlayer.
BobblesRaised areas on the plam of gloves that provide grip, can also refer to pilling within fleeces and the subsequent appearance.
Brushed innerA liner that has been created with a brushed or peached fabric to enhance it's softness next to the skin.
Calf skinA leather created from young cows, designed to be extremely soft and plush to touch.
Carbon BambooRegattas use of bamboo, a natural plant which can be used in fabric fibres of outdoor wear. Used to provide softness, increased absorbency as well as anti
Cell wallFound in bacteria, broken down by anti microbial treatments such as Silver an silver ion technologies.
Chin GuardFound in jackets and fleeces, a chin guard offers comfort next to the lips and neck. Usually created from a soft, brushed synthetic.
CambrelleCreated by Camtex. A lining made from bicomponent fibres and air pockets that offer abrasion resistance and moisture management. Used in liners.
ConduitCreated by Mountain Hardwear. A breathable, waterproof membrane created with hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. Actively draws moisture and vapor away from the body.
CordovanA leather derived from a horses skin. This is a tougher fabric than leathers from cows and used for aesthetics reasons due to it's shiny finish, as well as it's resistance to abrasion.
CoolmaxMade from four channel polyester fibres with irregular shapes and a wide surface area. Extremely high wicking and fast drying.
Closed Cell FoamA dense way of insulating a garment. Closed cell foam structures are less resistant to moisture but can be expensive to manufacture.
CanvasA way of weaving cotton in a plain stitch fashion to create an inflexible surface built for strength. More resistant to water than synthetics such as Nylon, yet is heavier in weight. The two fabrics are usually blended together, or combined in different areas to have the best abilities from both. Typically used in tents and rucksacks.
CFM (Cubic Feet per Square Metre)Used to measure levels of windproofing in an item.
CottonA natural fabric used in clothes. Fibres of the cotton plant are woven together to create a natural soft fabric used for comfort and absorbance.
CambrelleCreated by Camtex. A lining made from bicomponent fibres and air pockets that offer abrasion resistance and moisture management. Used in liners.
ConduitCreated by Mountain Hardwear. A breathable, waterproof membrane created with hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. Actively draws moisture and vapor away from the body.
ContagripUsed as a sole material in shoes for grip and durability.
CoolmaxMade from four channel polyester fibres with irregular shapes and a wide surface area. Extremely high wicking and fast drying.
ClimaWIND/ClimaPROMade by Solomon, these are waterproof and breathable fabrics. Clima Wind also resists wind.
CorduraA brand name for the method of using Nylon for outdoor wear in a variety of blends, created by DuPont.
CoatingA synthetic film or a membrane which is applied to the face fabric in varying layers and levels of intensity to provide weatherproofing.
Core VentsA way of venting without taking a layer off. Self adjustable.
Comfort ControlA quick wicking and breathable fabric from Regatta used for comfort in next to the skin layers such as baselayers and t-shirts.
Continuous fabric constructionIndicates the item, usually shoes or sandals, are formed in one piece for extra durability.
Coolweave100% cotton, used by Regatta for casual wear.
Cuff GrabsRubber areas on a jacket or coat that allow you to pin back the cuffs to suit your personal arm length and preference. Attached directly to the jacket.
Dri LiteCreated by Mountain Equipment. Has a hydrostatic head of 7000mm for total waterproofing coverage. Made with Nylon and natural fibres.
DownThe fluffy under feathers of ducks and geese.
Double stitchedThe garment has been stitched more than once to provide durability.
DWRDurable Water Repellent, a coating added to fabrics to allow water to bead off.
Dynamic returnIndicates the garment can ‘bounce back’ into shape.
Dynamic Leg CutA trouser style that reduces bulk. Used in insulating garments.
Dry ZoneLowe Alpine fabric that is used as a baselayer. A fine yarn with an open knit for excellent breathability.
DrawcordUsed in a variety of garments to allow adjustment.
ElastaneA synthetic fibre best known as 'Lycra' used for stretch in clothing. Blended with other fabrics most commonly or can be used alone. Stronger than rubber 
per weight.
EVAEthylene vinyl acetate. EVA is a crosslinked foam to provide cushioning capabilities.
Eva BreatheBreathe used in rucksacs. Perforated EVA is laminated in a honeycomb effect to allow different layers to breathe and allow air release and venting.
e-VentA coated breathable membrane made using pores. Sweat avoids the process of sweat being condensed and absorbed into the PU layer as with GORE-Tex
Ergonomically designedDesigned to fit with the shape of your body for the intended purpose.
Full Grain LeatherA shiny surfaced leather, naturally more water-resistant than the layer beneath it, which is then finepolished and tends to repel water.
Fibre PileA fabric blend of pile awith curled fibres that lock in insulation, designed for cold conditions. It can be made with wool, nylon or polyester blends, and tends to be more insulating, but less winproof than a fleece counterpart. Typically fibre pile is used as an inner liner or as a midlayer, but can be more expensive than a fleece.
Fill powerA method of measuring the Quality of a natural down, found in insulated garments. The better quality the down, the better it's ability to hold in heat, resulting in a higher fill power. For the best insulation you shoul choose a high fill power, low weight garment.
Expedition suitAn all in one insulated body suit designed for use in Alpine conditions.
FeltingA method of washing wool to enhance its softness.
Flame ResistantFabrics that do not melt or drip onto the skin when exposed to extreme heat or fires.
Goat Skin LeatherGoatskin is tanned to create a leather which is soft yet durable, often used in gloves or shoes to add grip.
GORE-TexA breathable, waterproof and windproof coated pore based membrane using pores that are on average 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, and 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule.Classic GORE-Tex comes in a 2 ply or 2 layer construction, but three layer GORE and GORE-Tex XCR versions are available.
Granger’s Extreme WashA flouro-chemical and water-based reproofer for DWR coated garments
HardshellA waterproof outerlayer. Best suited to poor weather. Typically less breathable than a softshell.
Hammer InAn old style of ice screw, now replaced by screw in styles.
Handwarming PocketsUsed in jacket construction. Lined, sometimes padded pockets for additional warmth.
HealthGaurdBerghaus’s brand of mosquito repelling fabric treatment with 90% repellency.
Hollow Core PolyesterA synthetic form of insulation, with hollow cores to allow heat to loft.
Hollow Foot 
Hydrostatic HeadThe amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand before it leaks. Expressed as the height of a theoretical column of water required to force water through the fabric. Values above 1'500mm are considered waterproof, and can be as high as 10'000mm for the leading waterproof fabrics like GORE-TEX and eVent. The higher the number the more waterproof the fabric and the longer the waterproof performance should last.
Hydro/dryCreated by Sprayway. A breathable and waterproof fabric with a hydrophyilic coating .
HydrafortA synthetic fabric that is waterproof and windproof, used by Regatta. Mainly used in waterproof jackets.
Ilus Core TechnologyIlus Core is a fabric used by Dare 2B that has a way stretch system for flex and motion. Warmth without weight ensures Ilus Core items are easily compressed and quick to dry. Typically used in a mid/base layer in 2 thicknesses.
InteractiveThe method of using a jacket and a fleece as a combination item together, zipped in together for a complete layered set. Also known as 3 in 1 of 'Zip In'/'Zipped In'.
IsotexA waterproof membrane used by Regatta. Typically used as a liner, Isotex offers breathability, windproofing and waterproofing.
Isotex 10000 XPTA version of Isotex, a waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric. Highly permeable to water vapour allowing perspiration to escape with an added Durable Water Repellent (DWR) outer treatment.
Insulating LayerA layer designed to keep you warm, this can be a midlayer such as synthetic fleece, or can be used over a midlayer, such as lined and padded gilet.
Internal SealsA method of constructing a product to ensure a water tight construction.
Internal Security PocketUsually a small hidden pocket suitable for storing cash or keys.
KevlarA fibre made by DuPont made from a crystalline polymer into a fibre. The yarns of Kevlar are spun and woven, predominantly to make seamless gloves, sleeves or linings. Kevlar has excellent heat and abrasion resistance.
Kevlar StitchingThreads can be made from Kevlar. Heat an abrasion resistance from the woven yarns makes Kevlar stitching desirable in many products that need to be durable.
Kangaroo PocketA pouch pocket that can be accessed from either side. Seen in jackets and midlayers.
MemBrainMarmot’s own waterproof/breathable fabric with a very high waterproof rating an a PU film layer as well as a DWR coating.
Merino WoolA merino is a type of sheep, bred for their soft wool and thin fibres to create Merino Wool. When it gets wet a Merino fibre can be extended up to 30% and recover without damage.
MicrobanAn anti-bacterial treatment applied to prevent unpleasant odours and bacteria forming.
MittensGloves without seperate finger compartments, designed to circualte heat direct from the palm around the hands.
MembraneA film applied to the face fabric of a garment at the manufacturing stage to offer a variety of protection features such as water repellency or windproofing.
MeshA lightweight, venting fabric often used as a way to allow moisture to escape from garments, with no need to remove a layer. Mesh is very lightweight.
Mini Stitch Through ConstructionA way of stitching down insulation used within garments in order to hold the down in place for the maximum levels of insulation.
MembraneA synthetic coating or film which is applied to a garment to offer a variety of protection features, such as a 'breathable membrane' or a waterproof membrane'.
Mid LayerThe second layer in the Layering System, worn over a baselayer, used to provide insulation and trap body heat.A midlayer should be a breathable synthetic. Typically, a fleece is used.
MicrofibresRefers to any fibre with under 10,000m of thread.
NylonNylon is a lightweight polymer set with heat during its creation, with the ability to withstand high temperatures and resist abrasion.
Nikwax Tech WashA non-detergent soap that will clean DWR coated fabrics without affecting it's water repellency.
Nikwax TX Direct Wash InA wax-like elastomer suspended in water to reproof garments.
Nubuck LeatherA full-grain leather finished using a different process to make it cosmetically soft.
NosquitoCraghoppers own brand of clothing treated with a chemical such as Pyrethoid that kills mosquitoes on contact.
OlephobicOil hating, used as a repellent on garments to repel water and oil.
One Pull AdjustmentRefers to a system usually used in hoods where a toggle can be used with one hand to release a hood from hidden to a fixed peak.
Outer shellThe outer layer of a helmet used for safety such as cycling helmets or ski helmets. Created from slim plastic or polycarbonates for strength.
Outdoor SystemAlso known as OS, this is Regatta's own Polyester/cotton fabric blend, peached for comfort with an inbuilt SPF. Designed to be quick wicking for use in active wear.
ParamoA breathable waterproof fabric made with a waterproof drop.
PertexA close-weave synthetic fibre that is inherently windproof and breathable, but lacking waterproofing. It is DWR treated on the face fabric to improve water resistance.
ParametaUsed in Paramo clothing. A windproof layer created from tightly woven microfibers that are water resistant when treated with Nikwax.
Peached/PeachingA way of sanding a fabric to create a soft feel and a brushed feel, used in natural fabrics or synthetics/natural blends. Completed with a chemical layer which saturates the fabric to maintain its feeling.
Pig skin leatherA soft leather created from pigs' skin.
PolyamideA tough quick drying synthetic with a lighter weight than cotton.
PlyRefers to the amount of layers included in a fabric creation, such as 2 or 3 ply. This can be the face fabric thread count, or refer to additional membranes 
and coatings
PUPoly-Urethane used as a layer of coating on the face fabric of a garment. It is a versatile and abrasion resistant layer that is used to provide waterproofing qualities.
PolartecA company who make various products including WINDBLOC, POWERSHIELD, THERMALPRO,POLARFLEECE from breathable membranes applied to the face of thermal fabrics to lock in heat.
Polartec 100The lightest of the polartec breathable fabrics, designed for use during active wear. Made from 100% polyester velour.
Polartec WindblocA wind resistant fabric with a polyurethane barrier membrane on the face as well as DWR and insulating layer
Polartec WindproA wind resistant fabric created with tight yarn construction for reduced wind chill.
PolarproofA brand of Nikwax reproofer which provides a DWR finish on garments.
Polarguard 3DA synthetic polyester, used as an insulating layer. Maintains it’s shape an heat even when wet.
PolyesterA man made polymer, woven alone or in a blend with natural fibres to create a wicking, abrasion resistant fabric.
PowerstretchMade by Polartec. A 4-way stretched, 2 layered construction fabric to provide warmth and abrasion resistance.
PonchoA waterproof jacket designed without arms and with one hole for the head. Covers the whole body.
PorellePorelle is a manmade synthetic which is both waterproof and breathable. It’s thin construction makes it ideal as a liner fabric.
PileA soft fabric made from strands of yarn, designed to be high lofting and soft to touch. Often used in fleece construction as a wool alternative.
Pit ZipsAreas found in jackets or midlayers that allow you to unzip a part of the garment for venting without taking off a layer.
PrimaloftA manmade synthetic insulator from polyester, designed to act like down.
Pre curvedRefers to gloves with curved fingers, designed for use when holding poles or equipment.
Pre BentUsually refers to the arms of a garment designed for cycling.
PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene,a form of synthetic used in waterproof garments. Also known as ‘Teflon’. Created by DuPont Chemicals.
QuantumSee, Pertex Quantum
Rain DrainA way of constructing the fabric so that water beads away from exposed skin, usually used on jackets in conjucntion with sealed seams and waterproofed zips.
RETThe level of Water vapour resistance (Resistance to Evaporation of a Textile) A lower RET demonstrates increased levels of breathability in a garment.
Retro ReflectiveA way of detailing a garment so that it is reflective and more visible in low light conditions.
Reinforced palmsAlso known as a palm patch, refers to gloves with thicker abrassion resistant, gripping fabrics applied to contact areas such as the palm or finger pad areas.
Reflective PipingSmall areas of high visibility colouring applied to a garment.
RibsSimilar to cuffs, ribs are knitted into a garment to provide ridges that allow it to hold onto the layer it is in contact with. Often used as a cuff closure, or on socks, rib knitted areas sometimes use elasticated fabrics to aid stretch.
Roll Away HoodA hood that can be packed away into the collar of the jacket.
Safari HatA hat with a large brim, typically for use when travelling.
ScotchliteMade by 3M. A Reflective material.
Sewn throughThe lightest, simplest, and cheapest construction of a sleeping bag.
Sewn InWhen used for describing tent groundsheets, this refers to those whioch are attached to the flysheet, stopping any possibility of draughts or leaks.
Sealed SeamsA method of stitching seams to prevent leaks and improve waterproofing capabilities.
Silicone TreatmentApplied to natural or syntehtic own in order to prevent clumping, particularly a problem in wet conditions.
SilkA natural fibre, processed to make an absorbent fabric.
Silver IonUsed in clothing or equipment as a natural bacteria killing antiseptic property.
SnowproofThe garment contains elements such as sealed seams or a waterproof fabric to prevent snow entering.
SuplexA light, quick drying yet densely woven nylon that is tougher than cotton and wind resistant.
SiliconeA synthetic often used for grip in the palm of a glove.
SoftshellA highly breathable and often water resistant garment made with stretch woven fabric as an alternative to a hardshell.
Softshell XLTRegatta’s own brand of softshell fabric, Breathable and wind resistant, made from stretchy yarns.
Softshell XPTRegattas own design of lightweight softshell fabric.
Softshell XPT WaterproofRegattas own waterproof softshell fabric.
Snap in connectionA method of attaching a jacket to legwear in the absence of braces.
SunshadeRegatta’s own term for garments with an inbuilt SPF (Sun Protection Factor).
Stash PocketUsed in coats for storing essentials such as maps. Can be hidden or external.
Stiffened PeakA hood with a firm peak for additional protection.
Storm WeaveA Lowe Alpine softshell fabric.
Storm FlapsUsed within jackets over the zip area to prevent external moisture from entering the jacket. Also seen in gaiters.
Stretch CoruraA synthetic made from 96% Cordura Nylon and 4% for flexibility and abrasion resistance.
Stretch Woven NylonNylon with an element of flexibility and motion. Abrassion resistant yet soft to the touch, this is commonly used in the outer layer of garments designed for active sports, such as climbing trousers.
Stretch PanelsFound in abrasion sensitive areas of garments, such as the knees, seat, elbows or chest, depending on the garment's purpose.
SymmetryDesigned for comfort and practicality, the Symmetry is a name of fleece used by Regatta. This has an anti pill finish so it won't bobble, is quick to dry and easy to wash, and is also very soft to touch. Symmetry Fleeces come in a variety of weights and thicknesses.
SyntheticsMan Made fibres used with, or as an alternative to natural fibres. Usually more breathable, weather resistant and easy to care for.
SpanduraA mix of Cordura and lycra to create a stretchy and flexible synthetic. 
TactelA practically friction free, high wicking fabric used within baselayers for next to the skin comfort.
Taped SeamsA method of joining the fabric that prevents wetness reaching the wearer. Fully taped seams are taped over all joins for complete protection. Critical Taped seams are taped seams in the fabric in areas where wetness will occur, protecting the wearer.
TaslanA woven synthetic polyester created with compressed air to create a different cosmetic appearance from similar synethtics. Usually blended with nylons to create a durable and water resistant layer, often used in hardshell jackets.
TechnicalUsed to describe clothing fit for purpose in the outdoors, usually made from synthetics/membrane technology for increased performance, with features (such as breathability/wicking) that allow the garment to perform a duty in strenuous conditions.
TeflonA form of the polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene. A synthetic, usually used in water repelling garments.
Triple Point CeramicA coated ceramic waterproof fabric made by Lowe Alpine used in outerwear.
Tensile StrengthRefers to the strength of fibres within a garment, tested lengthways with varying levels of force until the garment rips.