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Salomon Desert Dealer Trip Mammoth 2020

Tuesday 7/1/20, Mammoth: Close encounter They were weary eyes that drew the curtain this morning but what a view with sunlight kissing the summit ridges of Mammoth Mountain. A gruelling 10.5 hour flight, 1.5 hours at border control and a 4.5 hour transfer, chuck in an 8 hour time difference and it all adds up to one tired head and body.Thankfully there is something say about skiing in the way it clears the head and enlivens the soul with cobwebs well and truly blown away.After a hearty breakfast of bacon... Read More

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Wild Camping in the Lakes with Montane Kit

There is something to be said about going to the lakes at the start of the autumn. The clear but chilly days and the lack of people around due to the end of the school holidays gives us that great feeling us hikers love of peaceful isolation. Living just two hours away from the lakes means you can easily head over for a short stay if you want to get out into nature, which is exactly what we did last month. Hiking past the last fell wall up to the... Read More

Dolomites with Salomon Skis Featured Image 22/10/2018
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The Dolomites with Salomon Skis

Post Author: Olivia Jackson The Dolomites present some pretty incredible terrain for snowsports. There is something for everyone, and everyone can enjoy the striking turreted mountains towering above. These Aira 80 skis were tested in; Pampeago, San Pellegrino, Cermis & Belamonte, which are some of the areas within the Dolomiti super ski. These particular skis are designed for “the athletic intermediate up to advances skier”, I wouldn’t call myself an advanced skier by any stretch, but I still found the Salomon Aira 80 skis were perfect for my abilities, not... Read More


The 5 Best Winter Jackets 2019

Post Author: Olivia Jackson If the UK experiences anything like the winter we had last year we should really be starting to think of ways to keep ourselves warm and toasty for the coming months. Whether it be down or synthetic insulation, it is important that you find the right product for your needs. We would always recommend that you accompany your insulated jacket with a good layering system i.e. base layer and an outer shell. Particularly if your jacket comprises of down, we recommend that you always have a... Read More

Backpacking Chamonix to Zermatt 05/10/2018

Hiking Chamonix to Zermatt Part One

Post Author: Olivia Jackson The Walkers Haute Route The walkers Haute route is traditionally a 200km walk from Chamonix (France) to Zermatt (Switzerland), reaching 2964m in height. Travelling on average 20km a day from one mountain refuge hut to another, you will need to carry everything you need strapped to your back. Usually the busy period on the route is from the start of July till end of August. However, in true fashion, we went at the start of June when it was quiet and therefore didn’t meet another soul... Read More

Top 5 down Jackets 2018 16/01/2018

Top 5 Outdoor Down Jackets 2018

When the temperature drops, a down jacket is a great piece of kit. Whether you’re out on the fells, sat on a belay ledge on a Scottish winter classic or dashing about town through the week, a down jacket will give you the warmth and protection you need from the bitter cold temperatures we experience in winter. What makes down so great is its formidible warmth to weight ratio and it’s ability to pack down small enough so that it is hardly noticable within your rucksack. Most modern jackets built... Read More

shopping online is not always best 15/11/2017

Online VS Instore Shopping: The Best of Both Worlds

Christmas is coming, which has got us thinking about the nature of commerce and how there has never been a better time for buying ‘things’. The collective sum of an entire planets’ design and production power lies at the touch of a button.  Choice is no longer a luxury but endemic to the civilised world, a Universal Constant, stretching from your fingertips into infinity. This is especially true for the still-a-bit niche that is the Outdoor Industry.  There was a time not so long ago when it would be common... Read More

Down Insulation Advice 10/11/2017

Turn that Frown Upside DOWN

It happens every year.  The days yield to the night, the sun, exhausted by its Summer efforts, reclines lower in the sky, and the temperature drops as heat rescinds to return with the leaves.  All part of the celestial rhythm, as old as time itself. And yet, we forget until we emerge one morning to see the ground dusted with frost, and our breath condensing in horror on the air’s chill, that we may need a warm jacket. Cue the usual mad scramble! We think the best way to do... Read More


Getting Wim’s Goat II: Running Reflections

I’ve been doing a lot of running recently. Well, I say a lot.. definitely more than usual.  Enough to notice a change in my body AND my mind. A lot of my training has been running to and from LD. I used to love cycling in for the ease and freedom, but I love running in for the space it creates, both in my day and in my head, though some may argue there was plenty space in there beforehand. Running – and walking for that matter – is definitely... Read More


Adventure Couture

In this post, we focus on some of the most iconic brands in a generation, and look at what gives them such timeless appeal.  Although their pieces and collections may at first glance appear different, they have three principle things in common; a focus on detail and premium quality, strong outdoor pedigree, and incredible style.  Introducing: The success of these brands is not only due to their quality, style and design, but also the demand for outdoor clothing which is as at home on the high street as the summits... Read More